Robin Bradley, PhD

Practicing in Big Bear since 1989, Robin is a Licensed Psychologist and Transformational Coach who has 30+ years of experience in guiding the life journey to optimal potential. Her simple and profound methods are based in deep understanding of natural, integrative well-being, gained through her vast experience, education and training. She holds a BA in Psychology & Philosophy, an MA in Psychology, and PhD in Professional-Scientific Psychology with Clinical, Community & School Emphases. She is also certified as a Light Body Healer by the Four Winds Society, has completed over a hundred post-doctoral programs related to integrative healing and wellness, and has a personal 40-year meditation & intuition practice.

Dr. Bradley is also founder of the LOVING LIFE CENTER™, Loving Life Retreats™, and EarthHEAL™ – Humanity and Earth Alliance for Life. The LOVING LIFE CENTER for EXTRAORDINARY LIVING is now housed within the Moonstone Wellness Center. It began in 2013 as an integrative wellness center with a vision to inspire and enhance community transformation through excellent programs and services for total wellness, sustainable living and optimal potential. Our mission continues to support the local development of workshops, retreats and individual services that increase our personal and collective capacity for extraordinary living and stewardship of our planet.

Robin Bradley’s passion and commitment is to enhance the ways in which we live and love ourselves, each other and all of life. Her methods guide and teach the most effective, natural, rapid and lasting ways to transform life-limiting patterns and live our greatest possibilities. Robin’s ability to access LOVE, joyfulness and appreciation of life makes her sessions, programs and retreats a remarkable experience.

    Transformational Coach
    Energy Intuitive