Kim Boda

Kim Li Boda

Kim is a certified mindfulness/meditation instructor and a graduate of The McLean Meditation Institute.  She is passionate about the brain, neuroscience and mindfulness and believes they are crucial to the mind/body connection.

Total Brain Wellness is here via Light Therapy!   “The Neuro Light”  unites 3 proven creators of wellness: The Brain Gym, Brain Food and Brain Skills. The Brain Gym-builds new brain connections and pathways with ingenious Light/Sound composition that exercises your brain through sensory pathways, a new approach to brain wellness via light therapy.

Brain Food-a light therapy that feeds your brain it’s favorite food…LIGHT!  The result is an impressive increase in mitochondrial/ATP energy which is fuel for your brains functions. Brain Skills-a program which moves your brain into new abilities as well as fortifying the skills that may be decreasing naturally with age.

As a Neurochangesolutions Consultant for world renowned neuroscientist, lecturer and New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Joe Dispenza.  Kim is certified to teach: “Change Your Mind…Create New Results!”  This on-site, one day program teaches individuals within organizations a mindfulness based change initiative through the fundamentals of neuroscience and the merits of neuroplasticity.  By the end of this one day module, followed up by individual coaching, the individual is provided the knowledge for self-awareness and the tools necessary to reach their true, personal potential.

Kim gives private/group meditation instruction as well as private/group Neuro Light sessions at Moonstone Wellness Center.




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