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Perla Del Rio

At five-years-old I had a vivid dream. In a lush, peaceful forest with trees that touched a clear sky there was a being dressed in a white light. It told me to wash my hands in a nearby waterfall. After rinsing my hands I pulled them out of the cool waters to see them shimmer and sparkle in the sun. When I woke up I told my Mom about my dream and she said when she was little she had the same dream! Since then I knew my purpose was to heal.

I believe in natural healing to create balance, support self-love, and improve lives. I assist physical, emotional, and spiritual restoration through positive yoga sessions, powerful meditations, integrative therapies, holistic massages, restorative spiritual cleanses, and herbal remedies.  

As a certified Holistic Integrative Practitioner, registered Yoga Instructor, and multi-generational healer, I combine methods learned from traditional holistic programs with therapies passed on from my mother, grandmother and past generations. I understand the importance of a compassionate practice from the experience of using natural remedies myself and provide a kind, thoughtful experience for my clients through healing energy to help people find love and happiness within themselves.

Sol y Luna represents the balance we all need, just as the Sun and the Moon balance and need each other. Thank you for reading my story and checking out my products and services!

Modalities include: Nutrition and Body, Phytotherapy, Iridology, Psychotherapy, Flower Remedies, Aryuveda, Energy Healing, Spiritual Cleanses, Yoga & Meditation, Kids Yoga, Emotional Consulting

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